Customising Clothes For Beginners

Customising clothes is about looking at what you already have
and making it feel new again.
Every now and again its good to dedicate an evening and have a good sort out of your wardrobe. Have a dress-up and play around with your clothes, sifting through all your items and ask yourself
"What can I do to change this?"
These are the steps to follow...
    Organise your wardrobe into catergories, such as skirts, dresses, trousers e.t.c. Then that way you can see what you actually have.
Everyone has clothes that they absolutely love  and are perfect - you don't need to worry about those, put them aside.  
"If it ain't broke, don't try and fix it!"
With the rest of your clothes, try them on and decide
why you don't like them. Is it because they don't fit you? Or is it because they are boring? Or because the colour doesn't suit you?
Then ask yourself questions like...
"What if i made this shorter, would I like it then?"
"What if I changed these buttons?"
Try out different combos. Add items with other items, try out layering, get your accessories and belts involved too,
they can make a big difference.
Hopefully, after some effort you have saved some items from rejection by just putting them together differently.
For those that are left, divide them into piles of...
"Don't fit me"
"Why did I buy these?"
Some may be beyond saving, but hopefully a few can be made more exciting and intresting after applying some ideas you will find on this blog.
*Another useful tip, When you are out and about... take note of what other people are wearing to get inspiration.

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