Monday, 28 January 2013

Marc Jacobs T-shirt (D.I.Y)

diy mod tee inspiration

Supplies : 
Plain White T-shirt, Black Fabric Paint, 
Scotch Tape, Sponge.

diy mod tee steps

1. Tape two parallel lines on the front of the shirt for how tall you want your lines.
2. Layer tape to be about 1.5″ thick for the lines, or use some tape that thickness.
3. Place one strip of tape down the middle of the parallel lines.
4-5. Repeat until you have 6 white boxes of shirt to paint (7 vertical stripes of tape).
6-7. Squirt fabric paint into the first box and spread with the foam brush.
8. Repeat until all boxes are filled in and let dry.
9. Peel off the tape and it’s ready to wear!

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