Saturday, 12 January 2013

Animal Jars

These make really cute Easter gifts - 
fill your bunny jars with mini chocolate eggs. 

It works with any plastic toy really... I have seen this done with different plastic toys but I thought with Easter being next i'll post this one. 

Tools and Materials
* Sitting Rabbit
* Standing Rabbit
* Glass Jars
* Spray Paint - Colours of your choice
* Super Glue

Making bunny jars

How To Make
Begin by carefully gluing the rabbit to the jar lid and allow to dry.
Place the lid of a bit of newspaper, following the instructions of the spray paint, carefully spray the rabbit and the lid until you have an even coat of paint and none of the original colours are visible anymore... leave to dry.
Once dried fill your jar with your Easter treats.

Bunny jars to fill for Easter

Aqua bunny jars

Bunny jar filled with eggs

Bunny jars for Easter by Torie Jayne
Sourced: Torie Jayne

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